Design Process

Our design concepts depart from an analysis of the site conditions, its local context, and the client needs, and are then developed through a series of options and tests, using different skills from hand sketches to physical and 3D BIM modelling. Our mission is to create a timeless architecture, sensible to the optimization of local resources and sustainable construction methods.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a broad discipline with a high range of concepts and definitions. The implementation of sustainability in our architectural designs starts from the beginning of the design process, addressing concerns on climate change and the wellbeing of those around us. We work closely with clients to deliver sustainable solutions and construction methods that can reduce the footprint of buildings on our planet and optimize energy consumption to ensure long lasting construction and flexible solutions for further development.

Building Information Modelling

We use BIM to develop our designs. It helps us coordinate information between team members, it provides more accurate representation of building design and enhanced reality for the project. BIM has also proven to be a valuable tool to simplify construction methods, speed up design production and increase preparation on site.


Initial ideas for the project with options for proposed layouts, sketches for building volumetrics and suggested materials.

Development of the initial ideas onto BIM Modelling and digital drawing that include illustrative views of the Architectural Concept, proposed material palette and design solutions.

Coordination of the proposed scheme with the project Consultants to produce a sustainable coordinated design package for planning application with Local Municipalities or Detail Design.

Submission of the proposed scheme to Local Authorities for analysis and implementation.

Development of the project in technical detailing, comprised by drawings at adequate scales and measurements required for tender process and construction stage.

We supervise and assist the contractor with our designs on site for a correct interpretation and implementation of the scheme, in terms of aesthetic and technical design intent from the beginning to practical completion.



We believe that a collaborative approach is key to achieve integrated sustainable designs. Our international multidisciplinary team and the collaboration with other professionals allows us to deliver more diversified architectural concepts that reflect our individual and collective experiences.
Different cultural backgrounds and international experiences provide a more thoughtful design process which has lead us to collaborate with other international design practices such as Ortiz Leon Arquitectos and Hueb Ferreira Arquitetos.